The number #1 thing that makes a home sell is? You guessed it PRICE!

So you have 2 options:
1.) You could use my package which is a low flat fee at closing of $2,295 + 3% to a buyers agent. (Full-service, with someone who has an advanced degree in Marketing and a Technology background).

2.) List with a 6 or 7% realtor, price it up higher (pray someone comes along and buys) but most likely it will result in longer selling times which means less money- even worse you normally will get a lower offer.

1.) Example: $200,000: $2,295 + $6000 = $8,295
2.) Example: $200,000 at 6% : $12,000 
Savings: $3,705 (Use this money for a down payment or to use 
towards listing's price to sell faster.....

Also ask about a program I am working with that will allow me to contribute 1% of the sales price of the home you buy to your down payment. The lender also matches contributions. Ask about it.

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